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Join PVA in celebrating EMS Week 2022

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Join PVA in celebrating EMS Week 2022

Join PVA in celebrating EMS Week 2022

In comparison to the centuries of service provided by our colleagues in Fire and Law Enforcement, Ambulance service in the United States is relatively new. Few communities had access to an ambulance until the early 1900s. Our first ambulance services were operated from hospitals, staffed with orderlies who provided prompt transportation and minimal care. In smaller communities the funeral director might donate use of their hearse, offering a means of transport, and supportive care if possible.

Formal standards for emergency medical services were adopted in the late 1960s, including standards for EMT and Paramedic training, and standards for care of sick and injured patients. These early ambulance services were staffed by local community members, providing the best possible service they could with donated time and a minimal budget. Today, EMTs and Paramedics have evolved into healthcare professionals, working in every community throughout the nation, providing emergency medical care wherever injury and illness is experienced.

Since those early days the expectations and needs of our communities have changed; as our families age, and as the healthcare needs of our communities change, the need for EMS service continues to grow each year. Often the local ambulance service is the first point of care for our friends and family when they experience a medical emergency. Continuous enhancements in training, equipment, and integration within the healthcare systems makes the local ambulance an indispensable thread in the fabric of our communities.

Our modern EMTs and Paramedics bring exceptional clinical skill to every home and business, connect our patients with healthcare and supportive resources, and assist in prevention and training initiatives. Emergency Medical Services have completed a rapid transformation in a very short time, evolving to address illness and injury and also support health and quality of life in our communities.

In 1974, President Gerald Ford authorized EMS Week to celebrate EMS practitioners and the important work they do in our nation's communities; EMS Week 2022 runs from May 15-21. Please join us this year in celebrating the EMTs and Paramedics who work in your community.

PVA is hosting two events right here at our base on Tobey Rd:

  • Community CPR Training on Wednesday May 18 from 7pm to 9m
  • Stop-the-Bleed Training on Thursday May 19 from 6pm to 8pm

A full schedule for EMS Week 2022 is shown below. You can also visit The Monroe-Livingston Regional EMS Council website for updates.

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