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Saving Owen: ‘We saved a life here today’

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Saving Owen: ‘We saved a life here today’

Congenital Heart Defect are a rare condition- only approximately 200,000 infants are born with this life threatening condition. Our paramedics recently met Owen, an 18 day old infant with severe coarctation of the aorta and were lucky enough to be apart of his success story.

When his mother brought Owen into Pittsford Pediatrics,Dr. Hahn and Dr. Sengupta knew this baby needed emergency care immediately. These type of defects aren't always seen until days after birth and are life threatening cardiac emergencies. Dr. Hahn had no idea the level of care we can provide on an ambulance- “Frankly, I wasn’t sure what training they had or if they had equipment for tiny infants, so I when they arrived, I simply told them, ‘Get this baby to the hospital.’”

We recognized the opportunity to join forces with Pittsford Pediatrics for a mutually beneficial learning opportunity. We held a training with the staff at this Pediatrics office to help them learn what we can do, and to learn & refresh our knowledge on congenital heart defects from two amazing experienced Pediatricians in our community. This team can handle these sick babies!

“It has been 25 years since my rotation in the emergency room, so it was good to hear about this high-level of training,” said Dr. Sengupta. “I was impressed with how state-of-the art that vehicle is, stocked with medications, IV’s and ALS (Advanced Life Support) equipment. I learned a lot and it brought us to a deeper conversation.”

Our Team got Owen to the hospital where he was stabilized and received heart surgery to fix his aorta. His prognosis is very bright and is expected to fully recovery with normal heart function. These are the miracle stories we love being a part of!

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