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Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance

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Mission of the Corps

The mission of Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance, through a volunteer corps, is to improve patient experiences by providing:
  • Timely, skilled medical emergency care within Pittsford and neighboring communities.
  • Services, including information and training to the Community, promoting prevention of medical emergencies.

Our Values

  • Patients are like family
  • Volunteerism/Community service
  • Excellent and consistent care
  • Good neighbors/Community partners for education and prevention
  • High standards and training
  • Self-sustaining

Our Vision

Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance, a Community-based organization, will continue to strive to be:
  • An excellent emergency medical care provider, like we would want for our families.
  • A progressive agency responsive to the changing field of EMS and the evolving needs of our Community.
  • A self-sustaining corps with resources to maintain this vision in a growing and dynamic environment.
  • An organization integrated with the Community's services, actively partnering with stakeholders.
  • A welcoming corps wherein members work in collaboration to accomplish our mission.
  • An organization with a positive and reinforcing environment.

"We are men and women of action..."


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About Us

Founded in 1971, Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance, Inc. organization (PVA) is a non-profit ambulance services provider that operates in the Town of Pittsford, a suburban community of Rochester, located in southeast Monroe County, New York.

PVA is part of the Monroe County emergency medical service system dispatched by the county Office of Emergency Communications 911 call center. We provide emergency response medical services primarily within the Town’s 23 square mile area to approximately 29,400 (2010 Census) residents, as well as workers, shoppers and other visitors within the Town. We also have mutual aid agreements with adjacent towns to assure services when immediate demand exceeds capacity of a single ambulance corps.

The State Department of Health has issued a Certificate of Need to the Town to enable it to engage ambulance services providers. The Town contracts annually with PVA, incorporated under the laws of New York State, to be its community based service provider.

A Federal Internal Revenue Service letter ruling established PVA as a charitable, 501(c)(3) organization. Donations in excess of any services received are deductible from State and Federal income taxes. The PVA organization includes volunteer and compensated emergency medical technicians, and accepts all volunteers who commit the necessary time and who qualify through training with us. PVA is governed by an all volunteer Board of internal and external Directors.

Our Team

The Governance Team

PVA is governed by a Board of Directors that are elected by the corporation's members. The Board, led by President Jeffery Baker, reviews and approves the current business plan, and actively monitors the performance of operations management.

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The Operations Team

The Operations Team, led by Director of Operations (DO) Jonathan Smith, is responsible for the readiness, delivery and quality of first response emergency medical services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The DO is the chief operating officer of PVA and reports to the President.

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Our Fleet

Response vehicles in the Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance fleet include New York State certified ambulances for the treatment and transport of patients to area hospitals, and fly cars utilized to deploy specialized personnel and equipment to emergency scenes.

How Are We Doing?

Your feedback is important to our volunteers and our organization. Your willingness to provide comments is very much appreciated,
as your feedback helps us better understand your needs to better serve you.

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How Are We Doing?