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Thank You For Your Support

We sincerely appreciate you considering a donation to Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance. As a non-profit, volunteer agency, our funding goes towards the best equipment, facilities and training so that we can deliver great patient experiences, education and preventative services to our community.

As our community grows and the population ages, there is an increasing need for emergency medical services. Your financial support will help us meet this growing demand and sustain the caring, professional service that Pittsford residents count on and value.

Make a tax-deductible donation to Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance today. Your financial contribution is used to pay for a wide variety of necessary items such as state-of-the-art medical technology, medical training, disposable medical supplies, vehicle maintenance, communication equipment and much more.

How May I Donate?

To continue to provide the highest quality of patient-centered pre-hospital care, while experiencing significantly increased emergency call volumes and hospital transport needs, we rely on your support. Your donations are crucial to be at your emergency with Skilled Hands, Cool Heads, and Caring Hearts.

Donating is simple, secure and rewarding. Donations are gratefully accepted at our base, through our annual fund drive, the United Way, the "Roc the Day" of Giving, bequests, deferred giving, and by gift designation in obituaries. We also often receive donations by check with the return of loaned equipment, and with patient feedback quality control cards.

You may also donate online from our website. We've chosen Cardpointe as a trusted platform to protect your personal information and transaction details. When you click the Donate button below you will be redirected to a secure environment to complete your donation to our general fund.

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How Are We Doing?

Your feedback is important to our volunteers and our organization. Your willingness to provide comments is very much appreciated,
as your feedback helps us better understand your needs to better serve you.

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How Are We Doing?